About Me

I am a woman who grew up in the south hearing that the Democrats were for the working man and the poor, and that the Republicans were for the rich.  I have voted Democrat and Republican, and I have been an informed voter and an uninformed voter.

I married young, had 2 children in my early 20’s, and divorced.  After divorcing, I had another child while unmarried, 5 years later married the father of my third child, and we have since had another child.

I have worked in a factory, and I have attended college.  I have worked part-time, full-time, been laid-off, been unemployed, drawn unemployment, and been unable to draw unemployment.  I have been in the union and paid union dues. I have been enrolled in Tenncare (Tennessee’s Medicaid program), had private insurance, and had no insurance.  I have had daycare paid for at times, and not qualified to have it paid for during other times.  My kids have received free and reduced lunches at school, and I have had to pay for their lunch.  I have received food stamps and WIC, and I have done without cable, phones, and cell phones.  I have struggled with rent, car insurance, and electric bills.

My point is simply that I consider myself to be an educated, independent, middle-class woman, and I want to chronicle my struggle to uncover the truth from the muck.

I no longer trust the media to tell the truth.  Where is the objectivity in the media?  Where do I go for real news?  Who do I trust to give me the real scoop?  Since I was raised to believe in myself, then I will do my own research and make my own mind based on my own research. 

How difficult can it be to do my own research?


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