Summary of Press Conference Remarks 11/14/2012

Summary of Obama’s Remarks in a Press Conference.

We are still recovering from a very bad recession and economic crisis.

Job creation is the number one priority.  He wants to help small businesses grow, which is why he has met with the “CEO’s of some of America’s largest companies.” 

He wants everyone to come together and compromise. He is open to new ideas, but will only take them seriously as long as they line up with his view.

He wants to free the middle class from being held hostage by taxes.

Petraeus only betrayed his wife, not the United States.  He has no bearing on FBI policies.

He caved on the Bush-cuts before, but will not do so again. The wealthiest 2% in this country need to pay more.

He is happy to see so many Latinos involved in the voting process.  He said that he believes that America needs to secure its border and penalize companies that purposely hire undocumented workers. He said that America needs to create a pathway for citizenship for law-abiding illegal immigrants living here so they can pay back-taxes, potentially pay a fine, and learn English. Embrace the DREAM Act.

He will only compromise as long as the top 2% pay more and the middle class pay less. The people want action on this.

Romney has some great ideas, and he would be happy to sit with him to discuss those ideas.

He admitted to needing to work on reaching across the aisle, but will not compromise on top 2% paying more and middle class paying less.

He takes his job seriously.

Don’t ask him about cabinet appointees.

Susan Rice did what she was told and if anyone has a problem with that then they will have to take it up with him.

When it was apparent that people were in danger in Benghazi, he said to do whatever needed to be done to make sure they are safe.

He has a mandate to help the middle class.

He will not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon.

He believes in climate change and that man influences it. He will not ignore jobs and the economy to address climate change.

He won’t answer questions that are yelled out.

Well, that is it in a nutshell.


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