Big Business, Corporate Greed, and Boycotts

Some people have decided this is the appropriate action after hearing that Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter’s plan is to “reduce workers’ hours in response to Obamacare.” 

I have trouble understanding this logic. Perhaps it is because I have a rare quirk that makes me think critically. 

 I read the following from Democurmudgeon:

“Businesses like Papa John’s, Applebee’s, the Olive Garden and Jimmy John’s have decided to attack their minimum wage employees, freeload off state Medicaid programs, and intimidate workers to vote the company way.”

Democurmudgeon also wrote the following in response to Daniel Wetter’s idea to support Papa John’s.

“The cut in hours does more than take health care away from their worker’s, it destroys their ability to support themselves. Yes, let’s defend Papa John’s owner John Schnatter for making life miserable for the already miserable minimum wage workers.”

My personal favorite has to be from the Opposing View article, Boycott Papa John’s Over Corporate Greed by Back 2 Stonewall.

Back 2 Stonewall informs his readers that John Schnatter is “the president and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, has a net worth of about $350 million and was a Romney supporter who held secret fund-raisers on his sprawling mansion grounds”.  He describes how Papa John’s is not the only restaurant chain that has decided to do this.  Applebee’s, Olive Garden, and Red Lobster are all contemplating the same action as Papa John’s.

Darden Restaurants is ranked as 99 on the 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2012. What makes these restaurants so great? Diversity.

“The operator of Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and the other chains is a diversity champion:  30% of restaurant managers are minorities, and 41% are women.”

They also offer onsite fitness centers, subsidized gym memberships, nondiscrimation policies that includes sexual orientation, and domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples.  Minorities and women make up 42% and 52% of their workforce, respectively. 

So, the plan to stick it to big business and corporate greed is to boycott the products these businesses produce and sell and to do so on behalf of all the employees (including minorities and women) that are potentially having their hours reduced in these establishments? 

I am sure that the employees from these companies will greatly appreciate the boycott support…all the way to the unemployment lines.

Imagine the following exerpt being passionately rehearsed in front of a mirror.  I can see the fist pumping action now.

Now, this is America and they have the right to do with their businesses what they want, no matter how scummy it is.

But these businesses need to bear in mind that they are not the only pizza joints, seafood places, and Iitalian restaurants in the country. A loss of business, any loss of business, will hurt them greatly and, in Papa John’s case, will cost him much more than 14 cents per pizza in the end.

It’s time for the people of America to stand up against these corporate misers who think that their workforce is nothing.

I for one will not be eating at any of these places from this moment forward.  And I would ask the same of you also until they state that they will not reduce thier workforce and hours.

This is America and as Americans it’s time that we start standing up for our fellow countrymen and begin to teach BIG BUSINESS that they are nothing without us.

Way to stick it to big business and corporate greed!  You really showed them.


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