News you can believe in…

 I understand that our great nation is greatly divided regarding media. I will say that from what I have witnessed in the last 5 to 6 years is that the news is not consistent among the news organizations. Why is this? Is it biased with the intent to mislead?  I would really like to figure it out. 

Where do I get my news? I get it from multiple sources. I believe in covering all my bases.

1.  The Rick and Bubba Show: I listen to Rick and Bubba every morning on my way to work.

2.  White House Dossier: Website that I check daily since I found it a few weeks ago.

3.  Real Clear Politics:  Best site to get information that comes from all kinds of different places on the web.

I also like to compare the big three.

4.  Fox News


6.  CNN

I also like to check out what folks are saying across the pond.

 There are other sites that I do occasionally check, but these are the main sites that I check.  I generally find a big difference among the sites listed.  There has to be a way to figure out the truth by gathering information through a little research.


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